Mini Pump Instructions

Thankyou so much for purchasing an Active Trail Mini Pump. Don't let the name fool you though, this mini pump certainly punches above it's weight.

To get the most out of your pump simply follow the instructions below and if you have any issues at all please contact our customer happiness superstar, Josh Gibson, via

Now go. Ride somewhere.

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Remove dust cap from head of pump and extend the hose fully.

Unscrew the orange cap.


Lift the lever which should push out the rubber gasket far enough to be able to remove it by hand.

(If lifting the handle doesn't push it out far enough you can also tap the pump head into your hand and the internal gasket should fall right out)

Using the images below as a guide, re-arrange the rubber gasket and plastic insert into the order required for your valves - whether they are Presta or Schrader.





Now that you have them in the correct order, re-insert the rubber gasket and plastic insert into the pump head.


Lower the thumb lock lever back into closed position, making sure the gasket is inserted fully before screwing the orange cap back on.

Your pump is now ready to use!

Now Go. Ride Somewhere.

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