Active Trail Mini Bike Pump and Patch Repair Kit - $39.95 $27.88

Manufacturer: Active Trail                       UPC: 714838810280
Shipping Dimensions: 12(L) x 4(W) x 1.5(H) inches
Shipping Weight: 5.34 Ounces

  • High Quality Strong Aluminium Pump (not cheap plastic like other pumps).
  • Delivery right to your door, wherever in the world that might be.
  • 6 piece glueless patch repair kit and ball inflating needle included.
  • Rated to 100psi so this is the perfect pump for mtb, commuter or road cyclists.
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High End Quality Aluminium Bike Pump

Extendable Hose Means No More Broken Valves

Secure Bicycle Frame Mount

FREE Glueless Patch Repair Kit & Tin (6 patches)

What this pump can do for you:

  • Air Tight Lock on Presta and Schrader Valves

    Get the perfect seal on your valves every time with the interchangeable valve head

  • Simple Thumb Lock Lever

    Don’t waste time screwing on your bike pump to your valve. Simply press on, lift the lever and start pumping.

  • Extendable Hose Saves Your Valves!

    At last a bike pump that has an extendable hose so you don’t snap off any more valves from your bike tubes! You can pump quicker without worrying about keeping the bike pump perfectly still.

  • Get More Attention From The Opposite Sex

    Ok, not really. But if they do look, won’t you be glad that this is a very good looking pump?

Why Buy This Pump?

  • High End Pump Built To Last

    We’ve designed this pump to be the best you’ve used. Constructed from strong aluminium, this pump shines over the other low quality, cheap plastic pumps and the extendable hose combined with the simple thumb lock lever functionality is unique in the marketplace.

  • Easily Pumps Up To 100 PSI

    At Active Trail, we don’t believe in having a specific pump for mountain biking and a specific pump for road riding. We think life should be simpler than that. That’s why this pump will be ideal for whatever bike you’re riding.

  • Bonus: Glueless Puncture Repair Kit and Ball Needle

    This is an emergency bike pump, designed to keep you riding when problems arise on the trails. That’s why we’re including a free glueless patch repair kit so you can get back on your bike faster.

Plus a FREE Bonus, just because...

Get a free glueless patch repair kit valued at $8.99 when you order at the already rock bottom price. Actually, this deal really makes no financial sense to us but at least you'll be happy!

Come on, what's the catch?

Why does this deal sound so good?

Because it is.

Is it too good to be true?

We agree, it is a good deal. But it's also true.

Why are you selling a high end pump at a price lower than other pumps?

We are a new brand, launching the next line of high end biking products. Being a new brand is hard and we need some awesome customers to help us spread the word on how good our products are. Will you help us get the word out by buying at this crazy price?

Is there an extra charge for shipping?

No. We hate it when companies charge you for that. Your pump will be delivered to your door, wherever that is.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. We use Paypal to process all orders so you can be sure that your information remains secure. You don't need a Paypal account to checkout.

Will this pump really attract attention from the opposite sex?

No, we were just kidding. Sorry about that.

Why does the pump look so good?

You know those crappy plastic pumps that are usually bright colors with logos plastered all over them? They're the reason we created this pump. Why have a good looking bike if you're going to strap a shitty looking pump to it. That's why this one looks so good, because we care.

Does the pump come with instructions?

Yes. We know how important it is to have clear instructions with products. We get confused just the same way you do so we'll outline EXACTLY how to use the pump and repair kit.

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